Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Infinite Future Series - Introduction

Our Infinite Future Series

Designing Infinity - Humanities Next Evolutionary Step

I would like to start this post with a short video by Jason Silva to get you in the mood.

As Jason so eloquently states in the video all of humanity, as a collective and each individual, are literally only limited by our own imaginations and the laws of nature. We are currently limited by our self perpetuated imagination jails which our ancestors created along their evolutionary path. 

This blog, "Our Infinite Future Series" aims to show you some alternative systems of thought that would facilitate humanity taking the final steps towards designed evolution to secure an infinite and positive future. If you haven't already noticed, our planet, our laws, our monetary system and the mental health of a growing percentage of us, are all on the verge of collapse. It is time to take the initiative and CHOOSE to Evolve, before Nature is forced to evolve us.

Law, Money and Democracy are three self imposed walls which limit our ability to manifest what we are capable of imagining using the basic laws of nature as building blocks. The final wall you may not even recognise as a wall but it is certainly an important one that must be altered if we are to be completely free to evolve and that is the Education System. 

While you may believe that Education sets you free, it actually imposes many untrue beliefs on you that you are completely unaware of. This is why we must evolve education into Learning Systems and one way we can do that is explored in Part One of the Our Infinite Future Series.

The most important thing that I can possibly hope that you can take away from this blog is that we are all capable of changing absolutely everything. Self-development or Self-actualisation is the path through which we become confident in our abilities and capable of inspiring others to improve their own selves. 

We are the seeds of the universe which have impossible power but are limited in our growth by the size of the pot we live in. To be free and grow to our full potential we must break free of the pot, and also have a positive framework above us so that negative and restrictive forces cannot limit our growth. 

Our Infinite Future examines the pots and demonstrates several examples of positive frameworks that will facilitate the growth that we are capable of. You can find links to the other blog posts on the right side bar. Please also subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the subscribe box on the top right of the page.

I will sign off with another short video by Jason Silva, please enjoy.


After you watch this second Awesome Video of Jason Silva.